Join the second event of our May webinar series on 3C- SiC .

CHALLENGE is delighted to invite you to its latest event "Heteroepitaxial growth of 3C-SiC thin films on Si-based substrates" which is the second event of our May webinar series on 3C-SiC applications.

For this session, speaker Dr. Marcin Zielinski, expert in silicon carbide epitaxy and characterization from NOVASiC, France, presents the details of fabrication of 3C-SiC thin films.

The first part of the presentation recalls some general information about the chemical vapour deposition process and its application to 3C-SiC heteroepitaxial growth. The characteristics of CVD grown 3C-SiC material are described with a particular focus on heteroepitaxy-related topics: presence of intrinsic structural defects and reduction of strain and stress within the epilayer. The tuning of electrical properties of 3C-SiC through controlled material doping are also discussed. Finally, the benefits of post-growth surface planarization is presented.

The second part of the webinar is devoted to recent developments within the CHALLENGE project. Three novel approaches to 3C-SiC deposition will be considered: growth on Si-Ge buffer layer, growth on Inverted Silicon Pyramids substrate (ISP) and creation of 3C-SiC nucleation layer from amorphous Carbon, through solid state epitaxy process.

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