Third event of our May webinar series on 3C- SiC .

CHALLENGE is delighted to invite you to its latest event Compliant and disposable substrate for 3C-SiC heteroepitaxy by deep pillar patterning which will be the third round of our May webinar series and will take place on MONDAY 24th of May at 3pm.

For this session, speaker Prof. Leonida Miglio, expert in the modelling of heteroepitaxial growth on patterned substrates and founder of Pilegrowth Tech from Università degli studi di Milano - Bicocca, will present some recent development within the CHALLENGE project.

In the first part of the presentation it will be outlined how to pattern arrays of T-shaped micrometric pillars in Si (111) wafers, suitable for heteroepitaxial deposition. The merging of the 3C-SiC microcrystals, as deposited on-top, into one continuous monolitic layer will be addressed, discussing also the interaction of extensive defects with microcrystal domains. The significant lowering of thermal stress by the pillar tilting is then outlined. Finally, for sufficiently thick 3C-SiC film deposition, the spontaneous lift-off of the film by the targeted braking of the pillars, in turn induced by the overcritical thermal stress, will be reported.

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